QA and Testing

QA and Testing

Quality Assurance & Testing

Build Robust Products

Quality Assurance & Testing

Build Robust Products

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Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing are an essential part of the development process for any website and application. QA ensures that a product or service meets its requirements and expectations. Testing is a subset of QA, and it primarily involves the execution of specific tests to verify that a product or service is working as intended, in accordance with the specified requirements, target audience and UI/UX. The key highlights of the QA and Testing include:

0. Develop and execute the QA-Testing Plan
1. Help the Developer Resolve any defects or issues
2. Implementation of Rigorous Testing Protocols
3. Functional and Usability Testing
4. Performance and Security Testing
5. UI/UX Assurance
6. Automation for Efficiency

At techinfoBiT, we work closely with the developer and business for a better understanding of the requirements and their delivery. With our QA and Testing services, we assure you of a robust and reliable product that surpasses expectations and elevates your brand to new heights. We will work with your development team on your behalf to identify and fix defects before they reach the customer. We help your team build a flawless digital experience with the website or application.

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Why do I need QA and Testing services?

QA and Testing are important parts of the development process to ensure that the final website or application meets requirements and expected outcomes. This is important for the effectiveness, reliability and quality of user experience.

Can you Perform Testing for Websites?

Yes. We are experienced in providing QA and Testing services for Applications and Websites. We create comprehensive test plans to make sure the functionality, performance, and user experience are reliable and bug-free.

Can you also do bug fixings?

We offer independent QA and Testing services; We provide detailed bug reports including steps so that your developer can address and rectify them. We do bug-fixing ONLY for applications or websites developed by us.