Recover Hacked WordPress Website

Recover Hacked WordPress Website

Recover Hacked WordPress Website

Recovery & Security of WP Website

Recover Hacked WordPress Website

Recovery & Security of WP Website

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WordPress is the most popular and efficient tool for developing websites, blogs and eCommerce. As of 2023, more than 800 million websites are running the WordPress, that is more than 43% of all websites. The enormous popularity is drawing countless attacks on WordPress websites. WordPress is among the most secure and reliable ecosystems for creating all kinds of websites! as long as it is developed and configured correctly to fight hackers and malicious codes, which can exploit vulnerabilities in plugins and poor security practices to compromise the website. The key highlights of the service include:

0. Assessment of the Hack
1. Backup/Recovery of WordPress Website
2. Scan and Identify the Malware or Malicious Data
3. Clean the Infected or Hacked Website
4. Restore the Website
5. Security Configurations to Secure the Website
6. Guide to Keep the Website Safe & Secure

We offer an adaptive service to recover, restore and secure your WordPress website quickly and efficiently, considering the fact that time is of the essence when your website is hacked or not loading due to any issue. We will assess the damage to your website, remove any malicious code, and restore your website to its best shape possible. We also help you implement security measures to prevent your site from being hacked again.

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How does the recovery process work?

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your website to assess the damage and identify the source & extent of the hack. We'll then remove malicious code, restore all compromised files, and strengthen security measures.

How long does the recovery process take?

The duration depends on the severity of the attack and the complexity of the compromised website. We attempt to assess the damage and restore the website to its healthy state as quickly as possible. Usually, a couple of hours, days to a week!

Can you help prevent future hacks?

Regular maintenance is the only way to keep the website healthy and running! Alongside recovery, we focus on preventing future hacks by deploying the security configuration and guide to best practices for website security.