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Digital Strategy for Bloggers

Blogger Consulting

Digital Strategy for Bloggers

Blogger and Influencer Consulting-techinfoBiT

techinfoBiT itself started as a blog with a prime focus on tech, gadgets and IT-related problem-solving or ‘how-to’ posts. We believe that blogging is an impeccable way of sharing your expertise, passions, learnings or energy globally; it is also a very effective approach to advertising your business and pulling in new leads.

Our experience and learnings being a tech blog for years help us understand the requirements and potential of existing blogs or someone looking to build a blog around an idea or niche. We have adaptive digital solutions for bloggers and influencers to help them leverage the potential of blogging and social media to success.

0. Self-Hosted Blog Setup (Free for new bloggers)
1. Social Medi Integration
2. Website Security to protect against vulnerabilities
3. Guide to SEO-friendly and optimised content creation
4. Integration and support for important SEO and marketing tools
5. Internet marketing to increase visibility
6. Influencer marketing strategy
7. Strategy and roadmap to generate the revenue

We are offering a customised, self-hosted, secure and SEO-friendly blog site that is ready to generate revenue either by displaying ads or by pulling in new leads. Our personalized data-driven strategy for Internet Marketing, Content Creation, and Influencer Marketing boosts the visibility organically or inorganically and generates revenue from different potential sources.

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Blogging is deeply rooted in techinfoBiT, browse our gadgets, technology and problem-solving articles on; email us at [email protected] to build your own blog or news portal.

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Who can avail of a Free Self-Hosted Blog?

We have a deep-rooted background in blogging and understand the potential of blogging. We support and encourage new bloggers who are very keen on blogging; Helping them create free self-hosted blogs with guidance to monetise it.

Why blogger-influencer consulting?

Our consulting offers expert guidance and support to maximize your blog or online presence in a way that you grow your audience, improve content quality and monetize effectively.

How can I monetize my blog/influence?

We assist bloggers and influencers in identifying monetization routes and sources such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product collaborations, and more. We strategize to ensure ethical and profitable monetization